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Accuracy is Everything with Business Lettings 

No matter where you are in the world, land ownership is a complicated thing.  People can commonly believe that simply because they live somewhere or have a mortgaged home or outright purchased property that they own the land it is situated on.  This is not always the case.

Understanding whether you are even able to own a piece of land is often determined by many complex factors and a lot of properties, both domestic and commercial, are built on land that is under lease to the property owners.  The way these leases work will differ from country to country, but it is not uncommon for leases to be for 99 years ot a similarly large number, rather than allowing the actual transfer of ownership.  This then means that the owner can allow renewal or revoke the lease at the end of this time and still hold the land rights.

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Different uses for land

Land is almost always designated for a specific purpose by the relevant authorities.  This purpose may not always be set in stone but any changes would most likely require a lengthy application process and even then there is no certainty of success.  Generally speaking, land is separated into several different categories and if you have any desire to utilise the land then you will have to submit professional and detailed plans to the planning authority.  The categories for land classification are, broadly speaking, industrial, retail, commercial, residential and rural but this is something that will vary by country as well.  The rules for residential and rural land are often dramatically different to those for the other three ‘business use’ categories.  This is due to the land owner and building owner intending to let parts of the structure to different businesses and as such every part needs to be accurately planned and defined.

construction measurementLettable area surveys

This fairly straightforward sounding term describes the type of survey that is required to put up a building that is going to be let out in pieces.  Should you need to get a lettable area survey, there are a two major subcategories that you need to be aware of.  Gross lettable area surveys are used for retail and industrial purposes whereas a net lettable survey is for commercial use.  The reason for this differentiation is due to the rules and regulations for each kind of structure are different and need to be measured and documented in different ways.  For example, does the leased area extend to the inner wall or the outer wall?

Professional planning

If this sounds a touch confusing, you shouldn’t worry.  Most people don’t need to understand the detailed specifics of these rules and processes as the mapping and planning should be handled by experienced professionals such as VMark Survey.  Having experts conduct your lettable area survey will ensure that the documents produced meet the standards required by the planning authorities and present the best chance of your development being approved without delay.  Obviously nothing in this life is certain, but out of the many areas to try and save money, planning and surveying is not one of them.

A detailed and accurate lettable area survey is essential to the approval and success of any development.  When you consider how strict the regulations on such projects can be, even having a few centimetres of inaccuracy could spell disaster further down the road.  It is for this reason that nothing should be left to chance and you call in the professionals to ensure the job is done right.