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The Coolest 4×4 Accessories and Why You Need Them

There’s only one thing better than a 4×4: a 4×4 which has been kitted out with the latest accessories. If you’re a 4×4 lover and you want to pimp yours out with some cool gear which can really enhance the overall experience and enjoyment that you get from your motor, then read on. We’re going to take you through some of our favourite accessory ideas.

Before we begin, you can find all of these high quality 4×4 accessories online. But before you go, check out why you need them first!

1 – The Fridge Slide

What better an item to start off with then the fridge? There’s nothing cooler than that right? But why would you need a fridge in your car? Well, if you’re an avid traveller and you love the great outdoors, then this fridge will make it all the more enjoyable. Just imagine your camping trips and beach BBQ’s and how much better they’ll be with a fridge packed full of supplies. They’re spacious and sturdy, and they can slide straight out of the boot for easy access. You’re welcome!

2 – Canvass Seat Covers and Lumbar Support

If you want to keep your 4×4 nice and clean, then you’ll need to get your hands on these canvass seat covers. It’s frustrating going camping or to the beach with friends and family dragging sand and dirt into your car, messing up your nice leather seats.

Well, these canvass covers will do the trick, and they’re easy enough to remove and wash. In addition to that, you can install a Lumbar Support bladder which will help to alleviate any back-ache during those extra long journeys in the car. Perfect!

3 – Tourer and Basket Packs

If you like to travel heavy, with lots of camping gear, then you’ll need some roof bars and basket packs for sure. That way you can still keep your new fridge in the back of your 4×4, without having to compromise on your loading capacity. That’s right: simply bung it up on the roof of your car in weather proof bags and you’re good to go!

4 – 4×4 Drawer Systems

These handy drawer systems are the greatest thing you never knew you needed! When packing your car up for a camping trip, it can get quite messy and confusing. Well, whilst these draws do take up space in the boot, they will invariably create more “space” as you’ll be able to pack smarter by putting the smaller and more delicate items safely in the drawers.

Of course, there are plenty of other awesome accessories. However, we believe that these are the best for the adventurer in you. So, if you love the great outdoors, then you need to get your hands on these!

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