The Benefits of Proper Hedging and Tree Shaping

Trees and hedges do so much more than simply make a space look beautiful. In fact, there are many other benefits to having them around and keeping them in shape, which we’re going to cover in this article. Why should you shape the trees on your property? And why is it worth keeping your hedging looking tidy and healthy? Let’s find out!


1 – Natural barriers

First of all, a row of trees and hedges are ideal for creating a natural barrier around your property. They clearly define where your property ends, and your neighbours begins. In addition to that, these barriers provide shade and protection for various crops and other plant life.

2 – Thriving life

Hedging also creates homes for wildlife, such as birds and insects. Many species of bird nest in hedges, and you’ll find that the thriving insect population will make your hedges the perfect habitat for life.

3 – Extra security & privacy

Hedge barriers are also great for creating additional security and privacy. Certainly, they’re no locked doors, but a hedge will prevent people from being able to look into your property or trespass without making a lot of noise! In addition to that, they added privacy will enable you to enjoy bathing in your garden without any unwanted, prying eyes making you feel uncomfortable.

Tree Shaping

1 – Promote strong, future growth

A trees health depends on pruning and shaping. Cutting away the misshapen or dying branches allows the tree to continue growing healthily. Of course, shaping your trees is no simple task and one should approach it with care and consideration. You can’t simply climb a tree and start lopping off branches without giving it a second thought! Our advice would be to seek out a professional tree hedging service in order to get it done right!

2 – They look great

One of the main advantages of regular tree shaping & pruning is enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your trees. Just as you trim your hedges to keep them looking tidy, you’ll want to shape your trees appropriately as well. If left to their own devices, trees can grow a little “wild”, posing a hazard to you and your property.

3 – There’s enough sunshine to go around

If a canopy becomes too dense, it can prevent sunlight from reaching any plant life underneath the tree. By shaping & pruning a tree appropriately, you will ensure that other neighbouring plants will get all of the sunlight that they need. In addition to that, it also helps the tree itself receive more sunlight in the lower tiers.


Planting and caring for hedging and shaping the trees on your property has so many benefits. It’s a win-win, when you’ve got a tidier looking space, whilst promoting a healthier natural environment for the plans and animals living on your property.

Are you interested in tidying up the plant life on your land? Then find yourself a local arborism expert, such as A B Trees. You’ll not regret it!