An event without entertainment, whether it corporate or otherwise, is like bread without butter; dry and boring. You can’t expect people to turn up to an event and have a good time unless there’s something to get them riled up and excited about! In this post we’re going to explore what is arguably, the most important aspect of planning an event: hiring entertainment. We’ll take you through the motions!

1 – Know your audience

You can’t just hire any old act and expect it to work. You’re going to have to put a little thought into this one. For example, if you’re hosting a charity event raising awareness for people who suffer from epilepsy, arranging a laser performance would be in poor taste. You need to select the appropriate entertainment in order to get the best possible results!

2 – Get creative!

The only limitation is your imagination (within reason of course), so try to be a little different. You could even incorporate entertainment into the catering aspect of your event. For example, you might wish to hire a celebrity chef to cook various snacks throughout. Or perhaps, hiring some mixologists to show off their flaring skills when pouring the drinks. There’s so much that you can do, so get your thinking cap on!

3 – Try not to go overboard

There is such a thing as going too far when hiring entertainment for an event. This could be in the form of simply spending too much money and leaving yourself short for the rest of the planning process. Or, you might even go too big on the entertainment and render your guests feeling a little exhausted or overwhelmed. Again, know your audience, and you should also be prepared to make sacrifices for the greater good of the event. You can’t go all out on entertainment and then have little money to hire a venue large enough to accommodate everyone. Be careful!

4 – Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when it comes to choosing entertainment. You’ve already got a million and one things on your plate, so a little assistance might be an excellent idea. If you find a reputable events management company like Funktionality, for example, you’ll find that they will have a wealth of entertainment options to choose from. Some that you may not have even though of to begin with! Keep your options open.

5 – Tie it in with a theme

Going for a Great Gatsby’esque theme? Why not throw in a casino vibe for good measure? Some roulette tables and cocktail waiters might really add to the authenticity of the old-school theme. Again, be creative and try to invent the most exciting and authentic entertainment that you can. There are plenty of options to choose from already, or go one better and create your own!