Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s or any other occasion, throwing an amazing party in the office is always a good way to make sure the employees feel they are, if not rewarded, at least appreciated for their jobs well done. Getting one planned and organised shouldn’t be too hard a mission if you enlist the services of an events entertainment  professional. And with everyone in the team participating, it is most likely going to be a blast. If the good old dinner and alcohol related parties are getting a bit boring, here are a few interesting ideas to change it up a bit and even avoid the common drunken mishaps in these parties.

Amazing Race

  • Yes, just like the show, the employees will engage in a quest using their wits and skills to overcome obstacles in form of games, challenges and puzzles. It is a good way to explore the employees’ capabilities whilst they have fun at the same time and most importantly, a good chance for them to exhibit teamwork. This, however, may take more time and effort to prepare as it will require venturing outside the office premises. The participants will also expect an actual ‘grand’ prize for the winner as the will deserve more than just a trophy at the finish line.

Trivia Time

  • Compared to the Amazing Race above, this shouldn’t take too long a process to arrange. It’s just a simple game of questions and answers which, although very simple, is a good ice breaker or a party kick off. It will be good to have fun facts or historical bits about the company to promote branding and for new team members, if any, to learn more about the organization. This will not require elaborate or expensive rewards and can even involve simple things such as extended breaks or just extra bucks.


  • This may not be applicable to all as not everyone may be game for wowing the entire team with their incredible vocal prowess or embarrassing themselves in front of a crowd – not to mention having multiple video footages of it to last and be reminisced forever. Either way, it will be a fun way to loosen up and enjoy a night of not thinking about work. It will be a nice break from the mundane and sometimes boring everyday office tasks. No prizes will be needed either, the only requirement will be to “have fun”.

If none of these piques your team’s interests, it is always best to brainstorm and decide together as a team to come up with how you’re going to make the office party an unforgettable one.

Just always remember that any party won’t be complete without some grub, after all these activities are tiring and the staff will need to replenish their energy in order to be at their best performance.